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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Accreditations to the NWR

Accreditations to the Noble World Records

Accredited by IICCI Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Validation of Excellence: Acknowledgments from International Organizations, United Nations, and Beyond.

The NOBLE WORLD RECORDS, also recognized as NOBLE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, has earned a multitude of Accreditations. These esteemed recognitions hail from an array of sources including International Organizations, United Nations, UN Agencies Supported Organizations, Regional Governments, and Governments globally. Each Accreditation serves as a profound testament to our unwavering pursuit of distinction and global impact.,

Sub : Indo-OIC-Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) is granted Accreditation as a Permanant Affiliation to “NOBLE WORLD RECORDS or NOBLE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS"

The Indo-OIC-Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) is the Global Chamber of Commerce. The IICCI is granted accreditation as Global Partnership to “NOBLE WORLD RECORDS or NOBLE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS" on 13rd April 2019. The IICCI is accredited & Observer Status by the INOC, Green Climate Fund (United Nations), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Intellectual Property Organizaton (WIPO) of IGC (United Nations), International Coffee Organizations (ICO) etc., and appreciated & supported by Government of India, other Governments, United Nations, WTO, ILO, IMO UN Agencies etc., It is also a full member of the INPPRF, WCRDE. (Click Here To See Accreditation)

Accreditation is published on the IICCI website.

Noble World Records

Leaders Message

Hon'ble Sarfaraz Ansari

World Council for Regular & Distance Education

Hon'ble Manohar Lal

Cheif Minister, Haryana

Hon'ble Arif Mohd Khan

Governor of Kerala
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