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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust


Adjudicator Roles & Responsibilities

Part time & NWR Official Adjudicator

Over 250 countries and speaking 100 languages, our thousands of adjudicators are accomplished public speakers and are fully media-trained. They also create a highly effective focal point for photo opportunities and audience engagement.

If your NWR event is taking place online or needs to reach multiple audiences in more than one location, our remote adjudicator services and video announcements are ideal for creating an air of prestige and positioning your online event as an authentic Noble World Records attempt.

Noble World Records (“NWR”) Records Management Team is responsible for processing all record breaking claims worldwide as well as servicing the needs of the other departments in the office.

Noble World Records Official Adjudicators are fully trained adjudicators who can represent the Noble World Records brand in all circumstances and can adjudicate all types of records. The NWROA is not a permanent member of staff and works only in the capacity of NWR Official Adjudicator (NWROA) when required for events, adjudications, TV programmes, Challenge Fairs and other record initiatives organized by the NWR PR office.

Main Duties & Responsibilities :

As well as verifying and announcing the record results, the adjudicator performs many other important roles including:
1. Explaining the record guidelines and answering any questions ahead of the event.
2. Checking all measurements and any equipment required for the attempt
3. Briefing stewards and carrying out spot checks (mass participation events only).
4. Assessing and verifying the record attempt on the day.
5. Engaging the audience.
6. Participating in media interviews.
7. To adjudicate live NWR Official Record Attempts, primarily in over 250 Countries, as instructed by NWR, determine if the record was successful or not and present the record holder with an Official Certificate.
8. To report on the outcome of these attempts, providing the necessary evidence, documentation, pictures, and contacts.
9. To be an ambassador of the NWR brand and represent NWR at events, media interviews, conferences, etc.
Adjudicator Roles & Responsibilities

  • (1) NWR Application Form
    Every Applicant has to fill the Noble World Records Adjudicator Application form .Click Here To Download
  • (2) NWR Appointment
    NWR will review he submitted application form and issue the Letter of Appointment or press ID Card.
  • (3) NWR Schedule
    Noble World Records Committee will share the schedule to each adjudicators for their travel preparation and confirm to NWR.
  • (4) NWR Travel Booking
    Flight ticket (or) Train Ticket and Accommodation details will be shared to adjudicator in concern country (or) state (or) district by the franchisees are appointed there.
  • (5) NWR Record Review
    Adjudicator has to review the Noble World Records performance, sign the witness form and transferred scanned copy to Noble World Records office.
  • (6) NWR Salary/Fee
    Once witness form received, Noble World Records committee will deposit the salary/fee to concern adjudicator as defined officially time to time.
Noble World Records - Adjudicator

Quick Contact

Apply For Adjudicator

Any individuals, competent person can apply to become Adjudicator for each country, states, districts, cities of the world send letter of interest to the below e-mail for quick response from Noble World Records (NWR) International office online. Contact
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