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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Guidelines for Record Evidence

Guidelines for Record Evidence

Guidelines for Record Evidence

Each record tracked by Noble World Records adheres to a specific set of guidelines. These guidelines meticulously outline the rules to adhere to during your record attempt and the essential evidence required for verification. They ensure that each record is uniform and verifiable, clarifying how the task must be executed and what evidence is necessary for validation.

It's imperative to thoroughly review your specific guidelines before embarking on your record endeavor. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive "Guide To Your Evidence" document that complements your guidelines, offering further clarity on the evidence necessary for confirming your attempt.

Please note that the guidelines you receive are tailored to your particular record. Strict adherence to all stipulated rules and the submission of all required evidence are prerequisites for attaining the prestigious title of Noble World Records holder.

Understanding the Contents of the Guidelines:

Your guideline document is structured into five distinct sections:

  • Understanding the Legal Notice:
    When you access your guidelines, you'll encounter a crucial legal notice. It's imperative to thoroughly read and comprehend this information before proceeding with your record attempt. Here is an excerpt:

    This document serves as a manual for the specific requirements and commitments tied to your potential record attempt. It should be used alongside the "Guide to Your Evidence," which details the evidence needed to verify your record's success. All participants, organizers, and witnesses involved in the attempt must familiarize themselves with these guidelines beforehand.

    These guidelines are tailored to your record attempt and must be strictly adhered to. Any violation will result in disqualification without the right to appeal.

    It's important to note that these guidelines do not offer safety advice and do not imply that the record attempt is without risk. Noble World Records assumes no responsibility for participant or bystander safety during any record attempt. It is solely your responsibility to ensure safety measures are in place, equipment is suitable, and compliance with relevant health and safety laws.

    For online record attempts on non-NWR platforms, we are not responsible for platform content or any incidents that may occur during your attempt.

    If you're organizing a record attempt with an alcoholic brand, you must obtain prior written permission from NWR. Requests can be submitted via the Correspondence section of your online nomination.

    For online record attempts involving alcohol consumption, additional requirements apply:

    The platform must display a responsible drinking message.

    Age restrictions and targeting technologies should limit access to legal drinking age users.

    The record attempt must not promote to minors, encourage irresponsible drinking or offensive behavior, or challenge participants to consume alcohol.

    Please note that this guidance does not constitute legal advice and does not alter your contractual obligations to NWR.

    If, upon reviewing your evidence, it's evident that any of these measures were not followed, NWR reserves the right to disqualify the record attempt.

    Lastly, providing these guidelines does not imply NWR's consent for your record attempt. Authorization is granted only upon signing our standard agreement related to record attempts.

  • Understanding Record Definitions:
    Within your guidelines, you'll discover valuable insights into the record you aim to achieve. This section addresses four fundamental questions:

    1. Purpose of the Record: What does this record aim to accomplish?

    2. Eligibility: Who is eligible to attempt this record?

    3. Measurement: How do we quantify and assess the record's achievement?

    4. Record Subject: How is the subject matter of the record precisely defined?

    Here's an example of a Record Definition, using "Most skips in one minute" as a reference:

    Record Definition:

    Purpose of the Record: This record seeks to establish the highest count of successful rope skips in a one-minute time frame.

    Eligibility: This record is open for individual attempts.

    Measurement: The record's achievement is quantified by tallying the total number of successful rope skips completed within a one-minute duration.

  • Navigating Record Guidelines:
    Within your guidelines, you'll encounter the Record Guidelines section, a critical part of your record attempt. Here, you'll receive specific instructions tailored to your chosen record. Please note that additional guidelines are also detailed under category-specific instructions. Every guideline is of equal importance, and strict adherence to all rules is mandatory.

    Rules for "Most skips in one minute" Attempt:

    1. Jump Rope Specifications: The rope used can be of any material or length, as long as it complies with regulation jump rope standards.

    2. Surface Requirement: Your attempt must take place on a level, non-spring surface.

    3. Counting Device Recommendation: It is advisable to use an electronic or mechanical counting device approved by NWR to track jump counts. In the absence of such a device, two spotters must count revolutions, each providing a verification letter.

    4. Definition of a Skip: A complete 360-degree revolution constitutes one skip. Missed or interrupted rope jumps, where the rope is missed or stopped, will not count toward the total within the minute.

    5. Figurative References: Some guidelines may refer to accompanying images, labeled as Fig 1, Fig 2, and so forth. You can locate these images at the end of your guidelines for further clarity.

    These rules are tailored to your specific record, and compliance with each one is essential to your record-breaking endeavor.

  • Understanding Category Guidelines:
    The Category Guidelines encompass the comprehensive rules and evidence prerequisites for record formats. This section outlines rules that are universally applicable to records of a specific format, such as attempts lasting one minute or the standard regulations for large food items. It's important to distinguish between Category Guidelines and Record Guidelines, as the former includes overarching points and general evidence requirements, while the latter focuses solely on your specific record title.

    Breaking Down the Category Guidelines:

    These guidelines consist of three sections:

    1. Title: The category guidelines' title reflects the record format, which does not require your concern. For instance:

    Rules for all 'largest manufactured items' records.

    2. Category Rules: Within this section, you'll encounter the phrase 'Please make sure you follow ALL these rules:'. Here, you'll find guideline points/rules applicable to all records within the same format, presented as lowercase letters (a. b. c. etc.). For example:

    Guideline Points for Continuous Events:

    a. Public Setting: The record attempt must transpire in a public location or a venue accessible for public observation.

    b. Uninterrupted Event: The event must remain continuous without any interruptions. One minute signifies a complete 60-second cycle. For instance, if the event commences at 09:00 am, it must conclude at precisely 09:01 am.

    c. No Clock Pauses: Participants may take breaks or pause during the attempt, but it's imperative to note that the clock should not stop under any circumstances.

    d. Distinct Start and Finish Signals: The record attempt necessitates a distinct and audible start and finish signal, easily recognizable by all participants.

    e. Precise Timing: Two experienced timekeepers, potentially from a local athletics club, must time the attempt using stopwatches with an accuracy of up to 0.01 seconds.

    f. Witness Oversight: The attempt must have oversight from two independent witnesses to ensure fairness and accuracy.

    3. Evidence: The evidence section commences with the statement: 'Please make sure you supply the following evidence:'. This part comprises bullet points listing the evidence you must provide for record verification. Each piece of evidence is underlined and reiterated in the checklist.

    Example of Category Guidelines - Evidence:

    **Required Evidence for Verification:**

    To facilitate the verification process, please furnish the following evidence:

    - **Cover Letter:** Prepare a cover letter elucidating the context of your record attempt. Mention the specific date, time, and precise location of the attempt, including details about your selected witnesses and how the record measurement will be conducted. Additionally, provide comprehensive information about the individual undertaking the record, encompassing their age, nationality, background, and preparations for the attempt.

    - **Independent Witness Statements:** Include two independent witness statements attesting to the record's outcome. These statements serve as authentications by impartial individuals confirming adherence to our guidelines. Witnesses should enumerate the specific points they verified during the attempt.

    You'll also find references to the Guide to Your Evidence document, a vital resource providing in-depth information on evidence criteria. This document clarifies matters like the qualifications of an independent witness and provides templates for evidence documents, such as witness statements, facilitating your record verification process.

  • Evidence Checklist: Ensuring Comprehensive Documentation
    The final section of the guidelines is the evidence checklist, a crucial element in the record verification process. This checklist compiles all the required items stipulated by Noble World Records. Detailed information about each item can be found in the evidence section of the category guidelines, with additional guidance available in the 'Guide To Your Evidence' document. It is imperative to meticulously review and confirm that you possess ALL the items listed on your evidence checklist before submitting your evidence for assessment. Failure to do so may result in delays or rejection during the evidence review.

    How to Generate Printable Guidelines:

    In the top-right corner of the screen, you will discover a button enabling you to convert your guidelines into a PDF document, making it suitable for printing. This feature is valuable for sharing the guidelines with participants and individuals involved in the verification process, including independent witnesses, ensuring everyone is well-informed.

    Accessing the Guide To Your Evidence:

    Explore our 'Guide To Your Evidence,' where you'll find comprehensive information regarding the evidence essential for verifying your record attempt. The guide also provides templates for crucial evidence components like the cover letter, witness statements, and log books.

    Guideline Queries:

    Should you have any queries or require clarification regarding your guidelines, you can directly communicate with the Records Management Team using the correspondence function. Your inquiries will be promptly addressed by our team of experts.

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