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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Franchise Business Solution


Years of Experience


Noble World Records Franchise

Country Franchisee

State Franchisee

A Noble World Records (NWR) is an independent, non-governmental organization, the members are from various countries. NWR is a non-governmental organization based in India and operating under Non-Olympic Times news magazine. It was founded in 2017, "Noble World Records" derived from personal qualities that people admire through extraordinary performance which is documenting their activities through Noble Book of World Records which is registered every year in International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The Noble World Records (NWR) is an organization which help to create awareness amoung global society. It serves with two main purposes: to promote public awareness and to encourage young people talents. The Noble World Records also supports International Awareness training and creating job opportunities for young talent people.

The Noble World Records (NWR) is the World First organization, who launch globally Combo-Franchise Package with World most popular 5 (five) products 1. Noble World Records , 2. National Brand Awards 3. World Accreditation For Education 4. Non-Olympic Times and 5. Noble Book of World Records, many more products are under our negotiation to add more value into Combo-Franchise Package soon.

To read more about Franchisee Business, please read below ;
Noble World Records Franchisee
Noble World Records

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You can Contact us at International office or submit a Country Franchisee/State Franchisee or business inquiry online. Contact Us

Who We Are

Noble World Records (NWR) is a foremost World No. 1 Noble Book of World Records Business."Noble World Records" derived from personal qualities that people admire through extraordinary performance which is documenting their activities through Noble Book of World Records which is registered every year in International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Since the year of incorporation 2017, we have been providing best and World No. 1 records attempt world recognition platform and solutions to thousands of Indian nationals as well as nationals of each countries of the world.

We have committed and hardworking team members who are not only transparent but gives the best solution to our clients. We believe in maintaining a strong,ethical and reliable team to support our activities all the time,which has helped us in earning the trust and support of our clients.

What We Do

Our objective is to provide best quality client service, having highest standards of professionalism & work ethics in our domain expertise. We bring together our expertise and experience, to offer clients a hassle free experience.

What Are We Looking For

We are looking for ambitious franchisee partners, across India, as well as each country of the World who is interested to country franchise/ state franchise with our Noble World Records Services & join our growing company and bring benefits each other. We are planning to extend business throughout India and each Country of the World. We believe in building trust with our customers and interested business owners/collaborators that are willing to start a country franchise/state franchise.

We are looking for country franchisees/state franchisees who will operate under our guidance, brand name, and expertise developed by us. It will give you the opportunity to step into a business that has been established for more than 15 years. You will get access to a global network having wide reach and expertise.

Why You Will Take Our Franchise

• 15 years of expertise in the domain.
• Strong client base & is tied up with reputed world organizations, companies in India and abroad.
• Low investment with minimum risk.
• We are looking to expand into several parts of the country and each country of the World so as to cater to the recruitment needs of our clients throughout India for abroad opportunities.
• Our services are transparent & we are offering country franchise/state franchise to hard working and enterprising people, who are looking for opportunities to deliver quality services to our clients.
• We provide complete training & support to country franchise/state franchise which is easy to start & understand.
• We will give full support to you as we have experienced team members, & will help you to reach the place, where you want to go with your business quickly.
• We will have proper agreements, with clear terms and conditions, which is easy to understand and accordingly will go ahead with the country franchise/state franchise.

What We will Offer

• Our Brand and related Branding materials
• Expanding branding internationally
• Full training and support throughout the phase
• Marketing and sales support, promotional advice and training from experienced professional
• Administrative and accounts support

Benefits For Franchise

• You will be granted with a valid an exclusive country franchisee/state franchisee
• Our Non-Olympic has a billions and billions of dollars global brand value which is well recognized and trusted in the global sports industry since 1997 & well known for its sustaining relationships.
• You will get excellent returns on the investment.
• You will receive proper orientation about the different services and products
• You as a country franchise/state franchise will get assistance & training regarding every step of the customer service starting from markeing, nominations and records attempt procedures and other value Added Services.
• You will receive continuous guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, services, finance, Sourcing methods, target univesities, colleges, schools, governments and its depatments, companies, reporting formats, database management, and other related issues etc.
• Assistance with infrastructure set up assistance, advertising advice, social media and print channels, recruitment assistance, standardized procedures, operational guidelines and updates.
• We will assist you in how to network with univesities, colleges, schools, governments and its depatments, companies in order to source candidates for the different record attempts etc.,.
• No other country franchisee/state franchisee will be signed in your area city depending upon the agreement between
• You will get a successful business model in place from us and so that you can focus on your work
• You will get guidance about marketing and promotional methods & receive full training and support along with business planning assistance.
• You will get attractive profits of share for excellent returns on investment.


• Applicants should be a businessman, professionals, entrepreneur, event management company, sports events organisers etc.,
• Applicants involved in businessman, events management company, sports events organiser sector will be preferred
• Individual must possess 1-3 years of experience at managerial level
• Willingness to share vision and values in the field of business, education etc.,
• Commitment to devote full-time attention to the venture to source professional help in running the venture
• We assist country franchisee/state franchisee in planning and conducting promotional events such as Business, Education Fairs, Spot Assessments and University Visits to Franchisee Office.
• Revenue: We share 50 to 70% profits of share to our country franchisee/state franchisee. The industry with the highest ROI.

Requirements For The Country Franchise/State Franchise

• An office premise, with a minimum carpet area of 250 sq.ft, in an ideal location in a city, with easy accessibility or work at Home too.
• Should have necessary capital for investing in the business.
• Should agree to furnish premise in line with the standard
• Shall have necessary permissions/registrations to run the desired business from all concerned local government bodies/departments.
• We require passionate entrepreneurs with interest in running a business.
• The country franchisee/state franchisee should have interest for customer service work & self-motivation.
• We require people, who are good communicator, have a creative mind with management capabilities, self disciplined, & are professional to run a record attempts services and country franchisee/state franchisee.
• Willingness and ability to build up a successful brand in your market.

Return On Investment For Country Franchisee/State Franchisee

• The perfect Country Franchisee/State Franchisee, can get the maximum return on their investment within 2 years
• If Country Franchise/State Franchise strictly follows the business model, Country Franchise/State Franchise will get the opportunity of running the business hassle free, and this will ensure returns which will lead to the success of the business.
• As a Country Franchise/State Franchise you will get total flexibility and peace of mind, as there will be less risks involved, & you will get a good built-in customer base from Country Franchisee/State Franchisee will not have to face any risk
• With business model, as a Country Franchise/State Franchise you will be investing with a nominal cost that will get recovered with minimum efforts.
• There are plenty of great opportunities out there that will give you excellent return on investments in a relatively short time frame. The quality of guidance and support as a Country Franchise/State Franchise, you will receive will be very comprehensive with all the information you need to run a successful business, from technical to management perspective. This will bring maximum returns for the Country Franchise/State Franchise
• As a Country Franchise/State Franchise you will benefit from the marketing campaigns. Country Franchise/State Franchise owners will be able to use some of our existing expertise to expand their work.

Where We Would Want To Franchise

We invite Country Franchisee/State Franchisee partners in each Country of the World and in India in the following cities to join our hands and start their journey of success. We are planning to expand our operations anywhere in India including; South India-Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Mangalore, Trichy, Thanjore, Madurai. West India-Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore, Bhopal, Vadodara, Nashik, Raipur, Varanasi, Rajkot,Jabalpur North India- Jaipur, Varanasi, Amritsar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Ludhiana, Himachal Pradesh, Union Territories of Delhi and Chandigarh. East India - Bhubaneswar, Patna, Guwahati, Durgapur, Siliguri, Darjeeling

If you meet all the above requirements and our criteria and if you are interested in joining us as a Country Franchisee/State Franchisee, please connect with us for more information & details. We will review your application and get back to you. We request you to include your brief career profile and contact details in your email and send to us.

Features of the Country Franchisee/State Franchisee Model:

• Situated well in established records attempts for extraordinary parformance markets i.e Each Country, Each Cities, Each Villeges Worldwide
• 100% Turn-key task/branch execution.
• A wide exhibit of countries & services/products to browse and select.
• Both Novice and Expertise preparing operational modules.
• Online & Offline promoting procedures and plans.
• Free Marketing leads from online channel.
• Outfitting Country Franchisees/State Franchisees with front line records attempts for extraordinary parformance and services that fulfils preferred choices of clients
• Permitting Country Franchisees/State Franchisees to develop by giving different training and insights of the business.
Quick Contact

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Contact us at Noble World Records (NWR) International office or submit a business inquiry online. Contact Us

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