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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Apply Online - Individual/Group

Nomination Form

Individual / Group Record Nomination Form (Online)

The Noble World Records is an annual reference book published in India for Worldwide, documenting human and natural world records. The Noble World Records achieved by humans are further categorised in education, literature, agriculture, medical science, business, sports, nature, adventure, radio, and cinema with Noble Book of World Records guidelines. Noble World Records can be certified in to three categories for priority services i.e. Category of Record Attempt below; Before proceeding to fill out the Nomination Form, it is advisable to read the following pages 1. How To Apply For A Record, 2. Record Attempt Procedures, and 3. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

(The Priority Nomination Service is a premium, higher-priced service, which you can learn more about on the FAQ page.)


We/I hereby also confirm that along with the Nomination Form (online or physical), the following documents will be sent to WhatsApp No. +91-7800 5500 88 - - 1- Video of the Recent Record, 2- ID Proof (Nominee).

(1). We/I agree to permit Noble World Records to use submitted material for their publications, creations, authorized to display in their websites or any other media as television, radio, online YouTube channels, etc., in any manner and for any purpose. I have no claim on Noble World Records or its sister organs. Under any circumstance, Noble World Records & its sister organs will not be responsible to return any of these documents and no refundable of above mentioned fees for certification.

(2). I agree to accept that Noble World Records will not recognize me as the author or maker of any of the materials which you are sending to Noble World Records.

(3). I agree to accept that ‘Noble World Records’ will not be responsible for any damages or safety related issues. It is the nominees’ responsibility, to get insured and to confirm that all the essential safety measures and safety guard’s mandatory. Prior to the Noble World Record attempt. Certified hospital doctor & 2 public witness presence is more important to perform Noble World Records and safety measures should be taken care by nominees.

(4). I agree to ensure that any government policy will not be violated.

(5). I agree to ensure not publish this record anywhere else apart from Noble World Records (NWR).

(6). I agree & acknowledge that the information given here are true to the best of my knowledge.

(7). The GST would be charged on fees at 18% to the India, and outside the India GST would be charged as per applicable in their respective Country.

(8). All disputes are subject to Lucknow, India exclusive jurisdiction only.

Payment Options : -

The Noble World Records and ISE Cards India Limited, Exclusive Global Commercial Partner (EGCP) is offering the following payment options to its customers all ove the World.

Payment Options : -

  • International Wire Transfer :

    Account Number: 2408002190027731
    Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
    Bank Address: Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India
    SSwift Code: PUNBINBBLHG
    Account Name: " ISE Cards India Limited"

  • International Transfer via PayPal
    You can transfer the amount through “PayPal” using e-mail: [email protected].

    Note : Please note that we have experience with the PayPal Payment System. When receiving payments through PayPal, PayPal charges approximately 4.4% from the payment receiver (India), along with $0.30 per transaction. Additionally, there is a 4% fee when the receiver needs to withdraw the funds, totaling approximately 8.4%. On top of this, our local bank charges an additional US$ 25. This means the payment sender has to bear an additional 8.4% fee as well as US$ 25 on each payment, in addition to the principal amount.

    As an example:

    1. For a (T/T) Wire Transfer:
    Basis Cost: US$ 250
    Total Amount to Be Paid: US$ 250 = US$ 250

    2. For a "PayPal" Transfer:

    Basis Cost: US$ 250
    PayPal Fee (8.4%): US$ 21 (approximately)
    Total Amount to Be Paid: US$ 250 + US$ 21 = US$ 271

    If the payment sender is willing to pay the additional fees associated with PayPal, you can proceed with PayPal. Otherwise, we recommend proceeding with a Wire transfer/T/T to our bank account for a more cost-effective option."

  • Bank Transfer (within India) :

    Details for Wire Transfer:
    Account Number: 2408002190027731
    IFSC/NEFT Code no.: PUNB0240800
    Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
    Bank Address: : Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India.
    Account Name: " ISE Cards India Limited "

  • QR Code/UPI ID Payment Transfer :

    Details for QR Code/UPI ID Payment Transfer:
    The Noble World Records (ISE Cards India Limited) also offers the convenience of payment through QR Code / UPI Id, accepting popular platforms such as Gpay, Paytm, Amazon, PhonePe, iMobile, and BHIM UPI, among others.

    You can find our QR Code and UPI Id details below:

    QR Code/UPI ID Payment Transfer

    Payment Name: ISE Cards India Limited
    UPI Id: 7800550088@okbizicici

    After making your payment, kindly share the transfer slip with us through one of the following methods:

    Confirm your payment by sending an email to the NWR-ISE Office at [email protected]. You can also reach out via WhatsApp at +91-7800 5500 88 to notify us of your completed payment.

    Your prompt confirmation will help us process your transaction efficiently."

    pay using any UIP App

  • Payment by Cheque :

    Bank Details:
    You may deposit the Cheque in our Punjab National Bank account, in the name of : "ISE Cards India Limited
    Punjab National Bank, A/c Number : 2408002190027731
    IFSC/NEFT Code No.: PUNB0240800
    Branch name: Lalbagh, Lucknow-226001, (U.P.) India.


  • Cash Deposit in Bank :

    You can pay your regular payment or fee by depositing cash in any of the Punjab National Bank, branch which is CBS enabled, but depositor has to confirm to the NWR-ISE Office by sending e-mail at  [email protected] about their payment is made.

    Kindly send "cash Deposit" (E-Slip) to the below NWR-ISE Office Address or e-mail at  : [email protected] , fill your details in e-mail, which includes, name, address, tel, fax, e-mail and mobile Number. Payment  received will be updated by NWR-ISE after 48 hrs.

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