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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

How to set or break a NWR title

How to set or break a Noble World Records Title

How to set or break a Noble World Records Title

Becoming a record-holder requires determination, extraordinary skills, and commitment. Before applying for an existing record, it's essential to check the current information and ensure you have what it takes to break the record. If you're suggesting a new record idea, we recommend spending some time researching our current records to see if similar achievements already exist in your area of expertise. Every newly approved record idea must be significantly different from existing records and showcase a completely new skill. Suggesting a new record doesn't guarantee immediate acceptance, as approximately 60% of nominations for new records are rejected. Nevertheless, we're always on the lookout for exciting ideas that reflect the world's diversity.

Before applying, take a look at the key steps to follow.
A- Exploring the World Records Database:

Noble World Records
Your journey into record-breaking begins with thorough research. Explore our extensive world records database, and get acquainted with the intricate criteria and policies that define a Noble World Records title. This knowledge builds the foundation for your record-breaking endeavor. Check Records >>>

B- Choosing Your Record:

Noble World Records
Achieving Noble World Records recognition is a momentous accomplishment. Display your certificate proudly and cherish any memorabilia you've acquired. Your success reverberates globally, connecting you with an illustrious community of record-holders. Continue striving for greatness and inspire others through your remarkable journey in the world of record-breaking.

C- Submitting Your Nomination:

Noble World Records
Apply for your chosen record and patiently await the arrival of comprehensive guidelines from NWR, HQ. Even if your suggestion isn't initially accepted, expect detailed feedback. Please note that processing times may vary but usually take up to 2 to 3 weeks. Consider our Priority Nomination Service for quicker processing, though this is subject to charges. Please Contact Account Officer.

D- Understanding the Requirements:

Noble World Records
Once you receive the guidelines, pay meticulous attention to the requirements and the evidence necessary for your attempt. The "GUIDE TO YOUR EVIDENCE" document is your invaluable companion, providing step-by-step instructions. Adhering to these guidelines is pivotal to success.

E- Dedicated Practice:

Noble World Records
Achieving world-record status demands unwavering commitment and extensive practice. Progress to the next step only when you're confident in your ability to surpass the existing record or meet the minimum requirements for a new record category. Dedication and mastery of your skill are key to success.

F- Executing the Attempt:

Noble World Records
Set a date, time, and location for your official record attempt. Make thorough logistical arrangements and ensure you have all the required equipment. Secure the presence of independent witnesses, specialists, photographers, and videographers to document the event.

G- Evidence Submission:

Noble World Records
Meticulously follow the guidelines while submitting your evidence, including a cover letter and all necessary documents. Over 60% of submissions are declined due to insufficient evidence. Our Records Management Team reviews each nomination individually, a process that may take up to 3 weeks for completion.

H- The Moment of Truth:

Noble World Records
If you succeed, congratulations! You will be officially recognized as a Noble World Records record-holder. Along with your certificate, explore our NWR Store for additional certificates and memorabilia to commemorate your remarkable achievement. If your attempt falls short, remember that perseverance is key. You have the option to reapply or choose a different record, keeping your dream alive.

I- Embracing Your Title:

Noble World Records
Achieving Noble World Records recognition is an extraordinary accomplishment. Celebrate your success by showcasing your certificate and any purchased memorabilia. Your achievement will resonate globally, making you a part of an illustrious community of record-holders. Continue to aim for greatness and inspire others through your journey in the world of record-breaking.

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