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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Easily understand NWR Titles

Easily understand Noble World Records Titles

Easily understand Noble World Records Titles

Every Noble World Records title is subjected to a comprehensive set of criteria to ensure their authenticity. These criteria encompass:

1. Measurability: The record must be quantifiable using objective measurements. Subjective variables, such as beauty or kindness, are not accepted as the basis for record nominations.

2. Breakability: A valid record must be susceptible to being broken or surpassed. It should remain open to challenges.

3. Standardizability: The record should be replicable, allowing others to attempt it using a defined set of parameters and conditions.

4. Verifiability: Adequate and precise evidence must be available to substantiate the claim of the record.

5. Single Variable: Records are based on a single superlative and measured in a specific unit of measurement.

6. World's Best: For new record proposals, Noble World Records establishes a demanding minimum requirement that must be exceeded.

Our evaluation of potential record titles aligns with our core values of integrity, respect, inclusiveness, and passion. Consequently, we maintain strict internal policies to ensure records meet ethical standards. We do not endorse records that involve:

* Activities posing harm or danger to spectators.

* Records that jeopardize or harm animals. * Excessive eating, with limits on food quantities and duration.

* Food wastage, with stringent policies on food consumption and donation.

* Records linked to the consumption of alcohol in drinking contests, binge drinking, or speed drinking.

* Illegal activities in the pursuit of record-breaking.

* Participation by individuals under 18 in records deemed unsuitable for minors.

Our policies undergo periodic assessments and updates, in collaboration with expert organizations and feedback from our readers, to ensure they remain relevant and responsible.

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