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Non-Olympic Brand We Trust

Corporate Business solutions FAQs

Corporate Business solutions FAQs

Corporate Business solutions FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ page for our Noble Consultancy Services clients. Here, you will discover answers to frequently asked questions about our fee-based, account-managed service designed for anyone looking to set or break records for promotional or commercial reasons.

Corporate Business solutions FAQs

  • Who is required to pay for a record attempt?
    While we endeavor to keep record-breaking accessible to as many individual applicants as possible, there are specific situations where a payment may be necessary, including:

    If you opt for a Priority Nomination or Priority Evidence Review - further details are available in the Priority Nomination/Evidence Review section of the FAQs.

    If you represent a brand, agency, business, or group, your nomination will be referred to our Consultancy division, which is a fee-based service. Learn more about our Consultancy services.

    If you are pursuing a mass participation record – due to the intricate nature of such records, our Consultancy division handles all mass participation record attempts.

  • Why is there a fee?
    Our Standard Nomination pathway is exclusively open to individuals or small groups whose main goal for pursuing a record is personal accomplishment.

    For organizations or individuals aiming to set a record for commercial purposes (e.g., promoting a business, building a fan base, fundraising, etc.), a paid agreement overseen by our Noble Consultancy Services Division is necessary. This enables us to assist you in selecting the appropriate record title, validating your record attempt, and granting you the option to license our official logos for promoting your endeavor.

  • What is the cost?
    Fees are determined on an individual basis, considering your specific needs and project details.

  • Is it possible to choose specific products or services?
    Certainly. Our Noble Consultancy service comprises a range of products and services, giving you the flexibility to select those that align best with your campaign or event goals.

    Discover more about our Noble Consultancy products and services.

    Offerings & Services

    Each Noble World Records attempt is a one-of-a-kind journey. That's why we provide a wide array of products and services designed to maximize your record-breaking experience at every step – from preparation to the event itself and beyond.

    Our team of record-breaking experts is dedicated to comprehending your objectives, audience, and budget. We will tailor a solution to fit your unique needs and logistical considerations.

    Customized Events & Marketing

    Noble Consultancy Services:

    Our team of record experts invests time in comprehending your goals, target audience, and objectives. We then craft a personalized solution that aligns with your budget and logistical needs. From innovative record consultancy to official adjudication, we offer complete support and guidance to ensure a memorable campaign.

    NWR Products and Merchandise

    To commemorate an unforgettable event, we offer a variety of Noble World Records memorabilia. All products carry our official logo and serve to ensure that everyone involved leaves with an everlasting memento of their experience.

    NWR Content Creation Services

    With millions of fans, followers, and subscribers worldwide, Noble World Records’ digital platforms are the home of the latest record-breaking achievements. Our content services offer global reach and exposure for brands and organizations who want to share their story with our community.

    Brand Usage

    The globally recognized Noble World Records name and logos are badges of authentic excellence. Brands can use this prestigious seal of approval to help deliver unrivaled attention across all campaign touchpoints and promotions.

  • Use of Noble World Records’ name & Logo

    • Can I use Noble World Records' name and logos for my achievement
      If you're considering leveraging the prestigious Nobe World Records' name and logos to promote your remarkable achievement, it's crucial to understand the necessary steps, including licensing.

      The Official Record Attempt logo serves as an ideal tool for building excitement and awareness leading up to your event. In the event of a successful record attempt, you'll also have the option to obtain a license for the use of our Record Holder logo. However, it's essential to keep in mind that any materials or content incorporating our logos and trademarks must gain prior approval from Nobel World Records before you can proceed. Delve deeper into the world of licensing and discover the guidelines that apply to your endeavor.

    • Why We Charge a Licensing Fee for Using the "Noble World Records" Name & Logo
      The "Noble World Records" name is more than just a label; it's a universally respected and acknowledged symbol of excellence. Utilizing the NOBLE WORLD RECORDS name and logos instantly verifies an achievement as genuine, worldwide, and officially top-tier. To safeguard the uniqueness and inherent value that the Noble World Records brand represents - and to enhance your campaign - we require a licensing fee for the use of our name and logos. This fee ensures the continued integrity and global recognition of the Noble World Records brand.

    • Limitations on Using the Record Holder Logo
      Using the Record Holder logo is subject to certain limitations, and you cannot use it indefinitely. The specific duration and platforms for logo usage will be outlined in your contract. To get a clear understanding of the available options and the terms of usage, it's advisable to consult with your Account Officer. They will provide you with guidance on how to proceed within the parameters defined in your agreement.

    • Impact of Another Record Breaker During Your License Period
      If another individual or entity breaks the record while your license to use the Record Holder logo is still active, your license will be terminated. Any remaining licensing usage that you haven't utilized may be eligible for a refund. It's essential to keep track of the terms and conditions outlined in your licensing agreement for specific details regarding such situations, as they may vary depending on the terms of your contract.

    • Display Guidelines for Record Holder Certificates
      You are allowed to display your Record Holder Certificate, but there are certain restrictions to consider:

      1. Non-commercial Display: Record Holder Certificates can be displayed in a non-commercial manner. This means that the certificate should not be placed next to a product or in a shop window for promotional purposes.

      2. Commercial Usage: If you wish to use your certificate for commercial purposes, such as in a retail setting, it's essential to contact your account officer to discuss the specific terms and permissions associated with such usage.

      Always make sure to adhere to these guidelines to ensure proper usage of your Record Holder Certificate.

    • Using the "Noble World Records" Name for Crowdfunding
      When it comes to using the "Noble World Records" name for crowdfunding purposes, it's important to note that any commercial use of the Noble World Records name or logos, including promoting a Noble World Records record attempt on crowdfunding platforms, requires a license. In other words, if you plan to use our name for fundraising or commercial activities on crowdfunding platforms, you must obtain the necessary licensing permissions. This ensures that the usage of our brand remains regulated and in line with our guidelines.

    • Licensing Noble World Records Photos and Videos for Your Content
      Certainly, you can license photos and video footage of existing Noble World Records titles for use in your own content, whether it's for news, entertainment emails, websites, apps, products, or other purposes. To do so, you can reach out to our TV & Content team, who will guide you through the licensing process and provide you with the necessary permissions to use Noble World Records stills and video clips in your projects. This ensures that you can incorporate our content into your work while adhering to our licensing procedures.

    • information About Adjudicator

      • The Role of the Noble World Records Adjudicator
        Noble World Records adjudicators play a crucial role in the record verification process, but their responsibilities extend beyond just verification. Here's a breakdown of their roles:

        1. Record Verification: Adjudicators are responsible for verifying and announcing the results of record attempts. They ensure that all guidelines and criteria are followed during the attempt and that the record is achieved according to the established rules.

        2. Guidelines Explanation: Before the record attempt, adjudicators often explain the specific guidelines and requirements to the participants and organizers to ensure a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished for the record to be valid.

        3. Engaging with the Audience: Adjudicators can also engage with the audience, adding an element of excitement and entertainment to the event. They may provide commentary or interact with spectators to enhance the overall experience.

        4. Media Interviews: Adjudicators may participate in media interviews, providing insights into the record attempt and its significance. They help in promoting the event and sharing the record-breaking achievements with a broader audience.

        It's important to note that while adjudicators play a vital role in verifying records and contributing to the event's success, the planning and execution of the record attempt ultimately rest on the shoulders of the participants and organizers. Adjudicators ensure fairness and adherence to the guidelines, but the success of the event is the responsibility of those attempting the record. For more information about Noble World Records Official Adjudicators, you can refer to their official resources.

      • Mandatory Use of Noble World Records Adjudicators
        To ensure the credibility and authenticity of record verification at live events, it is mandatory to use an adjudicator supplied by Noble World Records. Noble World Records adjudicators are highly trained professionals who have the expertise and authority to verify records according to the established guidelines and rules. They are the only individuals authorized to perform this role, ensuring consistency, fairness, and accuracy in the record verification process.

        Using Noble World Records adjudicators is essential to maintaining the integrity of record-breaking achievements and upholding the standards associated with Noble World Records. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone other than an official Noble World Records adjudicator to verify records at live events.

      • Requesting a Specific Adjudicator for an Event
        While you can certainly express your preferences, Noble World Records cannot guarantee the availability of specific adjudicators for your event. All Noble World Records adjudicators undergo rigorous training to meet the same high standards, ensuring a consistent and reliable record verification process.

        However, if you have specific language requirements or other essential considerations, Noble World Records will take these into account when assigning an adjudicator to your event. The primary goal is to ensure that your record attempt is a memorable and successful occasion while maintaining the professional standards associated with Noble World Records.

      • The Role of Third-Party Resources in Record Verification
        In certain cases, even when a Noble World Records adjudicator is present at the event to verify the record, additional third-party resources such as surveyors, auditing firms, or witnesses may be required for several reasons:

        1. Specialized Knowledge: Some records involve highly specialized fields or industries that require specific expertise to accurately assess and verify. Third-party experts possess the knowledge and qualifications needed to evaluate these records.

        2. Precision and Accuracy: Records with complex requirements demand a high level of precision and accuracy in the data or evidence collected. Third-party resources help ensure that all data is gathered as accurately as possible, reducing the margin for error.

        3. Independence and Objectivity: Third-party resources provide an additional layer of independence and objectivity to the verification process. Their impartial assessment adds credibility to the record verification.

        4. Industry Standards: Certain records may have criteria that align with industry standards or regulations. Utilizing third-party resources with expertise in those standards helps maintain the integrity of the record.

        5. Ensuring Fair Play: In some cases, involving external experts can help prevent any potential conflicts of interest and ensure that the record attempt is fair and transparent.

        Overall, the inclusion of third-party resources in record verification is driven by the need for accuracy, fairness, and expertise in specific areas. It enhances the credibility and reliability of the Noble World Records, especially for records that involve intricate criteria or specialized knowledge.

      • Timing to Communicate with the Adjudicator
        You can expect to be introduced to a Noble World Records adjudicator once the contract for their services has been signed and the necessary payment has been made. This typically occurs in the preparation phase leading up to your record attempt event. The adjudicator will play a vital role in guiding you through the record verification process, ensuring that all guidelines and requirements are understood and met to maximize your chances of successfully achieving the record.

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